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Hello! My name is Karen! Loooooooooooooooooooong time no seen! Desu ne? There is still a whole season until Kiniro Mosaic Pretty Days is coming out. In the meantime, do you like the anime „Days“? I am not such a big soccer-fan, thought soccer was created in my country. Well, you propably know, that my country is leaving the EU. I also leaved England and came to this great country, called Nippon! I really have much fun here, with my friends Alice, Shino, Youko and naturally Ayaya. Oh and I was scouted as a model! They will finally make a PVC-Figure of me. Oh yes, I know, that Kenta already buyed one of Sagiri-chan. Nippon is really mean, desu ne? Which’s mean Kenta will need a lot of money. Yes, I am talking about YOUR money. Please show love to your beloved Karen-sama. See ya!


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827. Zum Sterben köstliche Ramen #2 (1) Plot-New Google_Drive_Logo.svgindex